Make history

Here is a very impressive website showcasing a virtual memorial to 9/11 using street view imagery and layers of digital storytelling.  To have a look at some videos, it's here 
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Dream the impossible

This is a fantastic website all in flash designed by Honda. Inspired by their claim "The Power of Dreams", they sort of extended their brand opportunity space and have encouraged people to "dream the impossible". Here, the brand has asked industry leaders to share their opinion on: Transportation, 80 years from now. Have a look at the website and short film here. There is one thing I haved quoted, which is obvious but worth saying twice: "We have only 2 choices: we either learn how to adapt with... [Lire la suite]
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Have a break!

Kitkat est connu dans le monde entier pour son slogan "Have a break, have a kitkat" et il travaille dur pour véhiculer ce message auprès de sa cible via du street marketing, du print, des vidéos virales et voilà leur dernière idée...Tellement géniale! Kitkat is known for its famous claim "Have a break" and is working hard to convey this message to its target market through street marketing, print, viral and here is their last idea....Such a brilliant idea! Le premier site internet au monde où RIEN ne... [Lire la suite]
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