We can see all sorts of things on outdoor advertising; this time Hubba Bubba presents the worlds longest chewing gum! How good is that?! Not sure where it was actually setted up but it is surely eyes catching.
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It's classy!

The agency By Far developed an outdoor campaign where Silk Soft sponsored public toilet-paper dispensers in Denmark. The goal was apparently to get across the idea that Silk Soft is 100 percent recycled. It does not make much sense to my mind but we always gonna be surprised by what people can come up in the advertising world!
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The rest is just accessory...

Well done to the agency Fuego that did this outdoor campaign for Omar Footwear in Brazil. The claim "The rest is just accessory" is particularly well illustrated by this women hidden behing a red curtain and who is only showing off her shoes....part of Omar Footwear's new collection of course!
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