I want you to pick a card!

That's brilliant! Watch this out and towards the end, just follow what the guy says: pick a card or at least think of one and see what happens! 250 Nokia trackers are connecting with people in the street of UK by doing tricks...but tricks that are really working!! Nokia Connectors - Dynamo from whybrow on Vimeo. Great example of an integrated campaign that first connect with its target in the street and then managed to drive them to the website.
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The slow motions effect in ads

Slow motion is an effect that agencies tend to use more and more often. I reckon it gives a nice, funky twist to the ad whatever the product is....Have a look at these ones, very similar....So who you think copied the other? Dell did, one year later... Product: Nokia 6265i Phone 2006 Explosion - Nokia 2006par joelapompe Product: Dell XPS One ComputerAgency in charge: Mother NYC 2007 Explosions - Dellpar joelapompe Thanks to Joe la Pompe's website
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