Marketing & Com in 2008: key campaigns to remember

To all marketing lovers and... the others! Contagious made us a great christmas gift: the marketing and communication bible of 2008: 42 slides full of all the successful campaigns we should remember. ENJOY! Most Contagious 2008View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: communication marketing)
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Skin is good enough to eat!

Have you ever seen a giant naked women made of 24,000 fresh peaches? Well....have a look at what Ella bache did as part of an integrated marketing campaign in February in Sydney. At 5 meters tall and 12 meters long, the sculpture was a highly visible creative interpretation of the skincare company's brand proposition: "Skin Good Enough To Eat." The art piece was unveiled at First Fleet Park, near Sydney Harbor (Australia being the single largest market for the company) on February 1st and remained up for 10 days.
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Le Monopoly en version Word of Mouth!

Pas mal pour nos prochaines vacances?! Un monopoly en mode BUZZ! Ici il ne s'agit plus d'acheter des hôtels rue de la Paix mais d'organiser des flashmob pour générer le plus de Buzz....Ahlalala le marketing 2.0....tout un monde!
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Un oreo géant dans un verre de lait géant...

Plutôt marrant comme opération de buzz! Campagne imaginée par Draft FCB à New York.
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