Guess what? I am a real star in London!

Big up to the french agency YouGether
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Mixed Media Girls

I just discovered this great artist while I was looking for something on the Internet. Nikki Farquharson is a young london graphic designer who mixes colours, pattern and typography with great talent. I very much like her imagery and colour world where she makes us travel to. Below are some of her last collages "Mixed Media Girls" In 2007 she has also started Random got beautiful, an interesting project where people are asked to submit a photo with "dominant colours out of their original context". Here is the... [Lire la suite]
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What's the time?

Some unusual tables & chairs imagined & created by Min Hoo Park; a product/industrial designer based in London. He explains this project as "a playful project approaching from the playful experiment trying merge time into our very ordinary everyday object". More projects here.
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The T Mobile Dance

Thursday 15th of January - 11am - Liverpool Street Station - London. Were you there? If not, just imagine yourself on your way to university, a meeting, lunch or whatever and suddenly more than 350 people in the station start dancing on the rythms of disco, hip hop & ballroom. Plenty of hidden video cameras were placed in the station to record the stunt; 48 hours later they made it to a T-Mobile commercial! It was actually on Chanel 4 for the first time in the break during Big Brother last Friday. Even thought the... [Lire la suite]
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