Get a world view

Simple, straightforward and smart: the Economist always got some awesome ways to spread the message accross! The ad was imagined by the BBDO agency in NYC.
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Des bébés en roller...Roller babies...

...pour la nouvelle pub Evian. Après quelques vidéos teasing, la pub Evian, tournée principalement en Australie, vient enfin d'être dévoilée: superbe réalisation! ...for the new Evian ad. After a couple of teasing videos the last few weeks, the Evian ad, mainly recorded in Australia, has just been released: awesome work!
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How many friend requests guys?!

Very smart ad by Wonderbra!
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Stronger than you think

The ad agency Fischer Portugal developed a campaign for the Salvador Association to fight against the dangers of alcohol. Their claim "Harder than you think" was declined in several key visuals... Those four images above really show you that one glass is just enough to put your life & potencially other people lives in danger. Really not worth taking the risk...
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Finally, it's great to be a dad

An impressive new ad for the Wolkswagen Touran For a better quality visualization, it's here
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Tu craques...

...pour Tic Tac: c'est frais, punchy, sympa. Tic Tac, tu craques...par tictac
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Open happiness

Coca cola has long been playing with its famous claim "Coke side of Life" which now turns into "Open Happiness" and here is one of the few ads they have reaveled: The library...Brilliant! Coke Open Happiness - Librarypar firat "It’s really a statement about the little simple joys,” Tripodi (chief marketing and commercial leadership officer) said. “Our brand isn’t here to solve world peace or fix the economy. We represent a small moment or small pleasure in a sometimes very stressful or difficult day for people.”
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Lexus ES & tons of cards...

Awesome ad created by the american agency Team one
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Don't forget Valentine's day love or...

The lingerie brand Agent Provocateur is reminding all guys they had better not to forget Saint Valentine's day or.... Love me tender.... Or else...par svenstar07 As we say in french: OH LA LA! To see more....and buy a few things, it's here
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Feel, touch, smell the future

HP touch, a new toy to put in your handbag, to die for.... By the way, can you also come and clean my room please?! Much appreciated...;-)
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