Get a world view

Simple, straightforward and smart: the Economist always got some awesome ways to spread the message accross! The ad was imagined by the BBDO agency in NYC.
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Timelapse in NYC

Haven't talked about NYC for a long time I reckon. The city I love, the city I adore, the city I would love to move to if I could (Give me a f**** job guys!!)...I came across this awesome video shooted in NYC by Max Moos with his Canon 400D camera during his 3 weeks stay in 2006. Enjoy! New York city portrait, HD time lapse, April 2006, music by Moby from Max Moos on Vimeo. Seen here, Yapasque is an interesting blog by the way...
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NYC at first sight...

God I love NYC...Another great video made by Mike Kobal with a Canon 5D Mark II at Grand Central Station in NYC. Jazzy tune from Max Roach at the back to make it perfect! Love it...Wish I were there right now! Grand Central Terminal NYC: Canon 5Dmk2 from Mike Kobal on Vimeo.
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If only...

Not very new but I thought of NYC this morning and dreamt I was there for a sec... New York 2008 from Vicente Sahuc on Vimeo.
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Diesel is showing off on Fifth Av

Ladies & gents: diner is served! For their so waited new store opening on New York's Fifth Avenue called Diesel Planet (20,000 square feet spread out of over three floors), Diesel decided to do the show. Instead of hosting another big fancy party, the italian brand decided to host a series of dinner parties in their Fifth Avenue window (titled "Five on Fifth") dressed like a real New York apartment. Each night was a different theme: a club night featuring key dj’s like Richie Rich, Kenny Kenny and Patrick... [Lire la suite]
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Il était une fois NYC en LEGO...

Encore une idée simple et tellement amusante...Je suis fan!
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NYC, Paris & Rio sous l'influence de l'alcool...

Je crois que même dans mes rêves les plus fous je n'aurais jamais pu imaginer ça... Très belle campagne print réalisée par Publicis Conseil Paris pour Heineken. Heineken ne nous avait pas habitué à ce genre de campagne ces derniers mois (référence à des films viraux plutôt osés) mais je salue la créativité de cette dernière campagne qui est particulièrement réussie. Chaque élément est superbement représenté! ....même si j'aurais préféré notre belle capitale habillée de millions de bouteilles de champagnes...jdis ça... [Lire la suite]
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Meet at the apartment

It's been a while that I haven't put any photos of funky looking agencies but I reckon this one is awesome! Welcome...For the agency welcome to meet, settings are designed to inspire...well check this out, they have done it well, if they don't get bloody inspired in there, I give up my job! OMG...I would just love it to be my desk.......and if you craving for some chocolate, here is the kitchen...always in style of course ;-) and what else? The agency is in the heart of Soho in NYC. How good is that??! So so jealous...Do you... [Lire la suite]
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Toi aussi donnes ta fessée

Quand tu mélanges du ketchup avec une marque de lingeries coquines, que tu ajoutes un petite dose de folie New Yorkaise, que tu secoues le tout bien fort en terminant avec une bonne vielle fessée; voilà le résultat:une campagne de guerrilla marketing pas comme les autres signée JWT NYC. L'agence JWT a donc habillé le cul des bouteilles de Ketchup de la collection Dressing for Pleasure avec des claims bien pensé (Harder, Hit it again) pour encourager la gente masculine à taper ....encore un peu plus fort....
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The happy corp global

Another funky place in NYC to work in....The agency is called the Happy Corp Global and they do: branding, design, digital,  events, E-commerce, marketing, motion Design, packaging Design and a lot more... Welcome guys... Let's start the brainstorming session Any more ideas? Back to our desks... Need a wi?! Even the toilets are design!!
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