Be an entrepreneur!

This is another very inspiring video... I have been thinking a lot about it for the last few years and especially when I was back in Sydney for 4 years. Australia is defenetely the place where you can start new things with far less barriers than in any other parts of the world. It's funny how I got to know so many "Entrepreneurs", interesting & inspiring people who "just" had THE IDEA & more importantly the "balls" to say: "let's just do it". I really enjoyed sharing... [Lire la suite]
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I cannot believe it's actually almost 30 degrees in Paris right now! It just gives me so much energy to start the day and the week with a beautiful blue sky and the sun shining....This weather reminds me of Sydney and here is a quite amazing short film that is taking place in Bondi beach (where I used to live for 4 years!) Helpless from Keith Loutit on Vimeo. Keith Loutit is a Sydney based photographer and filmmaker. Each short film she does combines thousands of digital still images. As she says it well: “My... [Lire la suite]
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Be a dangerous dreamer!

Let's start the week with an inspirational talk given by Miles Hilton Barber.     Miles Hilton-Barber has been blind for about twenty years but has not let that stop him from challenging barriers. He is an exceptional storyteller and corporate motivational speaker. He uses his experiences as an adventurer to motivate and to inspire others to achieve their potential. There is one thing I will... [Lire la suite]
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Le twitter-geek addict

Tellement vrai...J'adore! Via: L'actu en patates
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Happy birthday Caziflash!

J'ai commencé ce blog il y a exactement un an....I started this blog a year ago
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Get inspired

This is a must see... This speech is so inspiring. A friend of mine had the best words to sum up it all: "the only limitations that we have are those that we put on ourselves. Life is full of possibilities and potential. Reach out, believe and never let yourself feel defeated". Smile to life & happy tuesday to everyone ;-)
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En direct de la croisette!

You to You & Orange Cinéma Series présentent... Plus longtemps à attendre les amis, fans, amants...Ce soir je m'envole profiter des folies Tropéziennes jusqu'à dimanche alors on se voit la bas ;-)
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Yes You Can!

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Coup de coeur musicale

Chic soirée hier avec mon ami de The Hours, il m'a fait découvrir les artistes qu'il a signé récemment et Via Tania est mon coup de cœur de ce vendredi. Happy sunny friday!
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Once upon a time...

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