The SixthSence

I am always amazed with what people can come up to and how people got their ideas from. This morning I just saw that great TED talkshow about a new device called SixthSence, that helps the physical world interact with the world of data. If you have always loved to be one of the Minority Report hereos, this little thing will surely help! Watch this video til the end cause you will see some incredible stuff in there! To understand more about the project and how it all started, Pranav Mistry, the inventor, gave another talk here
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L'homme est fait pour rester debout

A l'occasion de ses 150 ans, la Croix Rouge française prends la parole avec une vidéo poignante réalisée par l'agence TBWA\MAP. Un film anniversaire qui rappelle sa mission principale: intervenir partout où “l’homme n’a pas une vie d’homme”. Belle réalisation en tout cas. Si vous souhaitez faire un don, vous pouvez encore le faire online ici.
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Imagine a kindness movement that grows

Have you ever done an act of kindness? Can you remember one at least? Giving a hug to someone? Offer flowers to someone special? Smile to a stranger in the subway? Give food to homeless people? Send a love letter? Well if you haven't, it's your chance to do one and record it on this website. The HumanKind Project is a fairly new plateform on the web that helps share small little things in life that make people happy for the day. The idea comes from Canada and we should spread the word to make this project cross borders. Like... [Lire la suite]
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