The future of advertising

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth was produced by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi in Canada which showcases how the advertising will look like if agencies don't 'embrace the power of digital to reach consumers and build brands in new, exciting ways'. The Last Advertising Agency On Earth from FITC on Vimeo. Fantastic teasing for the upcoming event FITC Toronto 2010
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Si seulement mes bureaux ressemblaient à ça...

Bon t'as compris Mr-le-Patron? Je veux tout pareil (Si si je t'assure, je serai 10 fois plus productive après). Aller deux, trois travaux ça fait de mal à personne, hein?! Si tu fais ton difficile, va falloir que je me barre à Zurich chez Google du coup; ça serait trop bête...
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A pop up creative agency!

I have already heard & seen about pop up bars setting up during summer to follow launches and/or create some buzz around a specific brand but this time it's all about a pop up agency! It's all happening in London in the Camden area. RKCR/Y&R went local by setting up for the week of August 24, a pop up creative agency, RKCR/Y&R Local, not far from their headquarter in Camden Town. What they did? They offered its creative and strategic services to local small businesses and sellers in the local... [Lire la suite]
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Meet at the apartment

It's been a while that I haven't put any photos of funky looking agencies but I reckon this one is awesome! Welcome...For the agency welcome to meet, settings are designed to inspire...well check this out, they have done it well, if they don't get bloody inspired in there, I give up my job! OMG...I would just love it to be my desk.......and if you craving for some chocolate, here is the kitchen...always in style of course ;-) and what else? The agency is in the heart of Soho in NYC. How good is that??! So so jealous...Do you... [Lire la suite]
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The happy corp global

Another funky place in NYC to work in....The agency is called the Happy Corp Global and they do: branding, design, digital,  events, E-commerce, marketing, motion Design, packaging Design and a lot more... Welcome guys... Let's start the brainstorming session Any more ideas? Back to our desks... Need a wi?! Even the toilets are design!!
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Welcome in the Crowell's world...

Another funky place to work in....Check it out: that's hot! Again I wish I was working in one of those cool offices...The office is housed in the historic Union Pacific Building of Utah which dates back to 1908. A full services agency that does branding, corporate design, events, graphic design, integrated Communications & campaigns and a lot more.... Have a seat, she won't be a sec! Follow me, I will bring you to the meeting room Wanna drink or a bit to eat?
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WOW! Look at that...

Wish I were working there...Have a look at that...A communication agency in Finland decided to settle down in an old factory. They chose to transform a traditional office space in a creative society where both employees and clients feel welcomed! Wanna have a rest & read a magazine? Let's get back to work... Client meetings here... Lunch time girls! No wonder why this communication agency is called TRUE CREATIVE SOCIETY...
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Campagne de recrutement pas banale!

Le support vidéo est vraiment devenu super à la mode: les marques, les demandeurs d'emploi, les agences....tout le monde s'y colle avec plus ou moins de succés. Cette agence de com a décidé de ne pas faire comme les autres pour sa campagne de recrutement: preuve en images! Ils ont osé mais je trouve ça absolument extra! Ras le bol de lire des annonces oû on vous dit que c'est la meilleur agence du monde, qui bosse pour les meilleurs clients du monde et qui vous offrira les meilleurs avantages au monde!
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A poil & les idées fusent? Naked en images....

Y a de quoi faire rêver?! Alors soyons bien clair: ce ne sont pas des photos de mon loft de 150m2 à NY (oui oui tj dans ma tête de rêveuse!) mais il s'agit ici des bureaux (je ne sais même pas si je peux appeler ça des bureaux, enfin...!) d'une agence de conseil en com pas comme les autres....NAKED (Australie): Elle raffle tous les awards all over the world: Londres, NY, Sydney....Ca en devient énervant! Jetez un coup d'oeil dans l'univers dans lequel ces gens bossent......HALLUCINANT! Welcome! L'entrée... Je vous... [Lire la suite]
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