Thursday 15th of January - 11am - Liverpool Street Station - London. Were you there?

If not, just imagine yourself on your way to university, a meeting, lunch or whatever and suddenly more than 350 people in the station start dancing on the rythms of disco, hip hop & ballroom. Plenty of hidden video cameras were placed in the station to record the stunt; 48 hours later they made it to a T-Mobile commercial! It was actually on Chanel 4 for the first time in the break during Big Brother last Friday.

Even thought the flashmob thing has been done before (we especially remember the freeze session at Grand Central), they managed to ad real life, entertainment, dance & music which made it a real life sharing experience both for the people involved and the commuters that happened to be there by chance! What is really interesting here is to the fact that they used a flashmob dance and made it into a commercial. If you have a close look at the ad, you can actually see people from 20 to 60 years old with happy faces, smiles and good energy coming out, which really illustrate T-Mobile tagline: "Life's for sharing".

I reckon this is a fantastic new idea (imagined by Saatchi & Saatchi London) which fits perfectly with their tagline. T-Mobile managed to do three things at once: an engaging street marketing campaign, a TV commercial and a viral video: perfect recipe to create some buzz on the blogosphere and on the advertising world in general.

Via Baptiste blog