It's been a while that I haven't put any photos of funky looking agencies but I reckon this one is awesome!

For the agency welcome to meet, settings are designed to inspire...well check this out, they have done it well, if they don't get bloody inspired in there, I give up my job!

OMG...I would just love it to be my desk....
...and if you craving for some chocolate, here is the kitchen...always in style of course ;-)

and what else? The agency is in the heart of Soho in NYC. How good is that??! So so jealous...Do you think that if I come to my boss and say: "For 2009, i think we should reinvent the design of the agency to allow people to be more creative and therefore win more campaigns and make more money, would he say yes?!"...We can always try...not sure I would get this amazing desk with pink fresh flowers though ;-)