Coca en mode zèbré!

Allez, pour la rentrée, imaginez notre star coca avec quelques touches de Cavalli tendance zèbré ou panthère, à vous de choisir! Notre bon vieux Robert, grand amateur d’imprimés « zèbre » et autres strings « panthère » a en effet rhabillé pour la soirée la 33 cl d’une jungle urbaine tape-à-l'œil. Produites uniquement à 300 000 ex., cette série limitée est uniquement vendue en Italie, de septembre à décembre de cette année. A consommer sans (ou avec?!) modération!
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Uriner comme les mecs?!

Absolutely priceless! That's gold....Watch this out guys and girls....
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We sing about...

This chart tells the story of what we sing about...The size of the circle corresponds to how often that part is mentioned in each musical genre. Pretty funny, yeah?!
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New York Map

Hard to compete against the good old apple....They only think outside of the box, they create & innovate before anyone else and they manage to make everyone or almost everyone crave for their products....but this time Sony did a fantastic job with that: a subway map of new york by walkman! This idea is coming all the way from Saatchi & Saatchi in Sydney...love ya my aussie friends!
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Have you been flashed?!

Have a look at that...quite the same buzz strategy as the one developped to promote the new Mini Clubman into the german market...but this time it's out there!! Indeed, to make Queensland (Australia) the number one choice destination in winter and to remind Sydneysiders that the weather is still warm in Queensland in winter, they chose to grab 20 male and female flashers that targetted commuters and flashed them on a chilly winter morning....I will leave you with this video... Tourisme au Queenslandpar BlogtheCom
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I want you to pick a card!

That's brilliant! Watch this out and towards the end, just follow what the guy says: pick a card or at least think of one and see what happens! 250 Nokia trackers are connecting with people in the street of UK by doing tricks...but tricks that are really working!! Nokia Connectors - Dynamo from whybrow on Vimeo. Great example of an integrated campaign that first connect with its target in the street and then managed to drive them to the website.
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Ca va craquer...!

Wonderbra a toujours fait de supers pubs mais en ce moment ça n'arrete pas...Celle là a été réalisé par Publicis en Allemagne.
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Welcome in the Crowell's world...

Another funky place to work in....Check it out: that's hot! Again I wish I was working in one of those cool offices...The office is housed in the historic Union Pacific Building of Utah which dates back to 1908. A full services agency that does branding, corporate design, events, graphic design, integrated Communications & campaigns and a lot more.... Have a seat, she won't be a sec! Follow me, I will bring you to the meeting room Wanna drink or a bit to eat?
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Quand Durex recrute!

Pour les nanas c'est ici... Durex Recrutement : spot télévisuel n°1 sur 2par BlogtheCom et les mecs par là... Durex Recrutement : spot télévisuel n°2 sur 2par BlogtheCom Si on pouvait se lacher autant que les équipes créatives de Durex, notre boulot serait encore plus sympa!!
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Skin is good enough to eat!

Have you ever seen a giant naked women made of 24,000 fresh peaches? Well....have a look at what Ella bache did as part of an integrated marketing campaign in February in Sydney. At 5 meters tall and 12 meters long, the sculpture was a highly visible creative interpretation of the skincare company's brand proposition: "Skin Good Enough To Eat." The art piece was unveiled at First Fleet Park, near Sydney Harbor (Australia being the single largest market for the company) on February 1st and remained up for 10 days.
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